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The second in our series of transnational workshops, events and discussions took place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 11th – 13th November 2019.

What’s the problem?

Increased flooding, more powerful storms, more intense droughts, rising sea levels and heatwaves are all impacts of the climate changes which will affect our lives, and which demand our response. How must our culture adapt, be part of making a society that is responding to our changing present, and create a positive future?

What’s the context?

Gothenburg (Göteborg) has been described as “the most sustainable city on Earth”.

The second largest city in Sweden, it has a population of almost 600,000 people, with the wider Västra Götaland County exceeding over 1 million residents. The city developed in the 17th century around the west-coast estuary of the Göta älv River: a strategic choice which led to the creation of the largest port in the Nordic countries, but a geographic placement which is challenged by rising sea levels and increasing cloudbursts leading to flooding and landslides.

The cultural life of the region grew in tandem with its industry and merchant class, creating a legacy of museums, galleries and concert halls and an opera house alongside a manufacturing economy. Today this is matched by cultural festivals, world-renowned design, and a diverse music scene.

What happened at the workshop?

International project partners, local arts and cultural organisations, and those key to adaptation to climate change in the Gothenburg city region met in November 2019 to explore the region’s cultural and social future in a changing world.

Several events and activities were hosted by the Cultural Adaptations Swedish partners: TILLT with City of Gothenburg, Rain Gothenburg, and the Vastra Gotalandsregionnen including:

Reports, resources, images and examples from this workshop are available for viewing below.

Missed the Cultural Adaptations Swedish Transnational workshop, but keen to explore climate change adaptation and culture?

Adaptation knowledge, skills and experience is a growing area of development for our European cultural sector, and wider society. There are an increasing need for artists and cultural organisations to consider climate change adaptation in their work, and in how they work. Take a look at the links and organisations below, or find out more through our resources.

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Video & Images

During the Transnational meeting videos were recorded and photos taken to help document and share the key learnings and experiences of the event and with wider work of the project A selection of these are included below.

Cultural Adaptations in Sweden

Experiences and insights from the embedded artist project, our transnational meeting in Gothenburg in November 2019 and partner perspectives. In Swedish with English subtitles, 5 minutes.

Gothenburg Transnational Meeting

Partners and contributors at the event from 11-13th November 2019. In English, with Swedish subtitles, 2 minutes.

Gothenburg Embedded Artist Project

Embedded artist project insights and activity. In Swedish, with English subtitles, 2 minutes.

Cultural Adaptations Gothenburg images