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What is it all about?

Increased flooding, more powerful storms, more intense droughts, rising sea levels and heatwaves are all impacts of the climate changes which will affect our lives, and which demand our response. How must our culture adapt, be part of making a society that is responding to our changing present, and create a positive future?

The first transnational meeting of the Cultural Adaptations project took place in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2019.

The ‘dear green place’ which played a central part in the development of the steam engine, and helped begin the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Now emerging from a history of heavy manufacturing and shipbuilding, Glasgow was the European Capital of Culture 1990, and its vibrant cultural economy is a key focus of its ongoing regeneration. With a regional population of over a 1.8 million people (the largest in Scotland), and situated in the Clyde river valley, it experiences diverse range of social, economic and environmental risks and opportunities as a result of climate change.

Bringing together international project partners, local arts and cultural organisations, and those key to adaptation to climate change in the Glasgow Clyde city region, a series of events took place, aimed at practitioners and organisations.

Reports, resources, images and examples from this workshop are available for viewing below.

Based in Glasgow or wider Scotland? Missed the Cultural Adaptations Scottish Transnational workshops, but keen to explore climate change adaptation and culture?

Adaptation knowledge, skills and experience is a growing area of development for the Scottish cultural sector, and wider society. There are an increasing number of opportunities for artists and cultural organisations to consider climate change adaptation in their work, and in how they work. Take a look at the links and organisations below, or find out more through our resources.

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Video and images

During the Transnational meeting videos were being recorded to form the basis of resources and to give participants the opportunity to share their reactions to Cultural Adaptations so far. You can find the first of the completed videos and a selection of images from the three days below.

Lesley Anne Rose, Cultural Adaptations embedded artist, Glasgow City Region

Mark O’Brien, artistic director & CEO, axis Ballymun

Cultural partner – Ireland


Gabrielle Macbeth, volunteer co-ordinator, Glasgow Women’s Library

Climate Adaptation for Cultural Managers workshop participant

Cultural Adaptations Glasgow images