Water, Rain and Creativity [video]
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This presentation by Jens Thoms Ivarsson, creative director at Rain Gothenburg in the City of Gothenburg, explores the availability, the creativity and the opportunity of water.

How we understand and use this crucial resource will become even more important as climatic changes lead to periods of more intense rainfall and more frequent droughts. Jens explains how his previous work has focused on how water can be used to create an ‘experience’, shifting how we create the spaces in which we live.

Speaking of his previous work in water/ice installations for clients such as Karl Lagerfeld and Al WeiWei, Jens shares how the projects have informed the ambition to make Gothenburg ‘the best city in the word when it rains’.

The presentation was originally delivered in March 2019 as part of the Gothenburg Creative Mornings. More information about Rain Gothenburg’s work and adaptation planning for the Swedish city can be found on the Rain Gothenburg website.