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The first transnational meeting of the Cultural Adaptations project took place in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2019. This report summarises the activities and learnings from the event.

Transnational connections

As part of the Cultural Adaptations project, meetings and workshops are held in each partner country to develop, share and experience the different elements of this collaborative action-research project. The first of these events took place over three days in Glasgow, Scotland in Spring 2019, and was programmed and hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland and Climate Ready Clyde – the Scottish partners for the project.

The event included:

  • A workshop for local cultural managers, developing adaptation strategies for the sector
  • A workshop on embedded artist project for local arts/adaptation practitioners
  • A range of meetings, site visits and networking opportunities


Summary and insights report

Combining notes and reflections from organisers and participants, we are pleased to share a full report of the event. The report provides an overview of the events that took place, a summary of the cultural context of Glasgow, and details on what climate change is expected to mean for the region. 

The report explores the insights gained from the two workshops designed for local and international attendees:

  • How will climate change effect the work of cultural organisations? And what support and materials already exist to support them?
  • How can artistic practice contribute to how our wider society adapts to the impacts of climate change? How can artists, adaptations professionals and local governments work together to change our world?


Read the Cultural Adaptations Glasgow report

Videos from the Cultural Adaptations Glasgow


During the Transnational meeting videos were being recorded to form the basis of resources and to give participants the opportunity to share their reactions to Cultural Adaptations so far. Watch the interview below with Lesley Anne Rose, Embedded Artist for the Glasgow City Region with Climate Ready Clyde and Creative Carbon Scotland and follow the link to see more videos.

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