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Tuesday 2 March
Wednesday 3 March
Thursday 4 March
Friday 5 March

Tuesday 2 March

Transformation in Culture: What has been done so far? Sharing best practice in mitigation and adaptation in Scotland’s cultural sector and further afield as we look ahead to COP26 in Glasgow.

12:00pm–12:30pm · Welcome from Scotland and our Green Arts Community
A welcome to the first day of the Cultural Adaptations conference.

Scott Crawford Morrison · Green Arts Member / Scottish Ensemble

12:45pm–1:45pm · COP26: Showcasing the cultural community
What is COP and what does it do? What to look for at the COP and how to use it to achieve our shared aims for cultural transformation.

· Emma Dunton · Season for Change
· Dr Duncan Booker · Glasgow City Council
· Professor Dave Reay · Edinburgh Climate Change Institute
· Lewis Coenen-Rowe · Creative Carbon Scotland

Session recording now available

2:00pm–3:00pm · How can cultural funders drive leadership on climate action?
Strategic leadership is essential to enable cultural participation in climate action and adaptation. How can funders enable this?

· Jenny White · Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
· Walter Zampieri · Creative Europe
· Iain Munro · Creative Scotland
· Kalle Korhonen · Kone Foundation

Session recording now available

NB: the next three sessions run concurrently
3:15pm–4:15pm · Focus on Engagement
How can we build and maintain active engagement in climate action among staff, audiences, artists and other stakeholders?

· Mairi Claire Bowser · BECTU
· Maria Hansen · SHIFT Culture, ELIA
· Kimberley Tooke · Clyde Rebuilt
· Dr Ben Twist · Creative Carbon Scotland

3:15pm–4:15pm · Focus on Advocacy
How can arts and cultural actors participate in campaigns or advocate for change through their work or their communications?

· Gabriele Rosana · Culture Action Europe
· Simon Curtis · Manchester Arts Sustainability Team
· Amanda Grimm · Creative Carbon Scotland

3:15pm–4:15pm · Focus on Practical Action
How can cultural organisations and institutions take meaningful, practical steps to addressing climate change?

· Catriona Fallon · Green Arts Ireland
· Kate V Robertson · Circular Arts Network
· Charlotte Riley Gibson · Paragon Music
· Caro Overy · Creative Carbon Scotland

4:30pm–5:00pm · Reflections from Glasgow
A personal perspective from Jean Cameron, freelance Creative Producer living and working in Glasgow. Reflecting on creative responses and adaptation of the city as we look towards a Just and Green Recovery.

· Jean Cameron · Creative producer

5:00pm–5:30pm · Networking · Climate speed dating for COP26
What are you looking forward to at COP26?

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Wednesday 3 March

Transformation of Culture: How can cultural organisations and SMEs adapt to climate change in their region? What are the first steps and where do the challenges lie? Learning from adaptation professionals and adapting cultural pioneers.

12:00pm–12:30pm · Welcome and keynote
Scotland is recognised as leading internationally on climate policy. Hear more about upcoming strategic plans to address climate change

· David Mallon · Scottish Government

12:45pm–1:45pm · Why transform culture?
Climate change adaptation is a social and cultural issue. What role do arts and culture have in leading and helping wider society to adapt?

· Mark O’Brien · axis Ballymun
· Alistair Ford · Newcastle University
· Tania Banotti · Creative Ireland
· Jordi Pascual · Agenda 21 for Culture / United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

2:00pm–3:00pm · Adaptation 101
What is climate change adaptation? How can adapting to climate change address challenges and create new opportunities for people and organisations?

· Anna Beswick · Adaptation Scotland

NB: the next two sessions run concurrently
3:15pm–4:15pm · Storytelling for adaptation
How do the stories we tell and narratives we use shape our approach to adaptation?

· Lesley Anne Rose · Producer and writer
· Maeve Stone · Artist
· Dr Briony McDonagh · University of Hull – Risky Cities Project
· Sara Grenni · Re.Imaginary

3:15pm–4:15pm · Focus on Artistic Creation
How can we develop quality artistic work which addresses climate change in an innovative, interesting way?

· Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat · Displacement: Uncertain Journeys
· Maria Lucia Cruz Correia · DRIFT
· Fadzai Mwakutuya · Afro Arts Lab
· Gemma Lawrence · Creative Carbon Scotland

4:30pm–5:00pm · Adapting Cultural Organisations. Toolkit: How to adapt you organisation
The Cultural Adaptations project has developed a toolkit to support cultural organisations to adapt to climate change. Learn more about this resource.

· Catriona Patterson · Creative Carbon Scotland

5:00pm–5:30pm · Premiere of Cultural Adaptations film
Explore the adaptation and cultural leadership in Glasgow, our partner city and host of COP26!

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Thursday 4 March

Transformative Adaptation: What have Covid-19 taught us about resilience and adaptation? How can our culture shape our adapting places, and how can we evaluate transformational interventions? Reflecting on the past year and exploring pioneering adaptation project across Europe.

12:00pm–12:30pm · Welcome and keynote
Creating the conditions for a better city: how Chicago employs art and culture for positive change

· Lydia Ross · City of Chicago

12:45pm–1:45pm · Innovation, resilience and Covid-19: What have we learnt about adaptation?
Stories of rethinking, re-imagining and learning from the pandemic as we recover in a changing world.

· Eva Peeters · Greentrack Ghent
· Kit England · Climate Ready Clyde
· Graham Hogg · Lateral North – After the Pandemic
· Lucy Mason · Edinburgh Performing Arts Development Fund (EPAD)

NB: the next three sessions run concurrently
2:00pm–3:00pm · Climate change and cultural heritage
Our cultural heritage is at risk as a result of climate change. How is the heritage community tackling this challenge?

· Ewan Hyslop · Historic Environment Scotland
· David Harkin · Historic Environment Scotland
· Daisy Narayanan · Sustrans
· Rachael Rowley · Museums Galleries Scotland

2:00pm–3:00pm · Learning from capacity building in the public sector
Scotland’s public sector benefits from the Adaptation Capability Framework. What can SMEs learn from this approach?

· Ellie Murtagh · Adaptation Scotland

2:00pm–3:00pm · Place-based approaches to addressing climate impacts
Place-based approaches are essential for successful regional adaptation. What are some of these approaches in practice?

· Karen Ridgewell · Architecture and Design Scotland
· Mathew Lawrence · Common Wealth
· Dr Jenna C. Ashton · University of Manchester – Community Climate Resilience through Folk Pageantry
· Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert · Artist

NB: the next two sessions run concurrently
3:15pm–4:15pm · Transforming Europe’s Adaptation
Exploring current projects and innovations in European climate change adaptation, including Clyde Re:Built, ICLEI’s Connecting Nature project and CreaTures.

· Tuuli Mattelmäki · CreaTures
· Gillian Dick · Connecting Nature / ICLEI
· Gemma Lawrence · Clyde Rebuilt / Creative Carbon Scotland

3:15pm–4:15pm · Cultural experiences in adaptation
Examples, problems and successes in climate change adaptation in the cultural sector (in Scotland and wider Europe)

· Nathalie Decoene · Greentrack Ghent
· Ian Garrett · Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts
· Amanda Grimm · Creative Carbon Scotland

4:30pm–5:30pm · Evaluating Transformation
How can we evaluate transformative adaptation projects, particularly those which include creative methods? Exploring examples, frameworks and methods.

· Chris Fremantle · Gray’s School of Art
· Leslie Mabon · Scottish Association for Marine Science
· Emma Hall · Creative Carbon Scotland

5:45pm–6:15pm · Networking
BYOB climate networking online lounge

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Friday 5 March

Transformation through Culture: How can cultural practices help in driving for positive change? How can art and creative methods contribute to climate change adaptation? Disseminating learning from the ongoing Embedded Artist Projects and leading examples from across Europe.

12:00pm–12:30pm · Welcome and keynote
How can creative practices be a tool for wider social change?

· In conversation with Frances Whitehead · civic practice artist

12:45pm–1:45pm · Creative Logic and Climate Change
How can artistic methods and ways of thinking be used to change and challenge how we work on climate change?

· Michael Eriksson · Chalmers University of Technology
· Kelli Rose Pearson · SUSPLACE
· Johan Lundbladh · TILLT

NB: the next three sessions run concurrently
2:00pm–3:00pm · Being an Embedded Artist
What is it like to be a creative practitioner in an Embedded Artist Project? The challenges, the opportunities and advice to others working in this way.

· Maeve Stone · Cultural Adaptations
· Ulrika Jansson · Cultural Adaptations
· Jens Thoms Ivarsson · Cultural Adaptations
· Dr Ben Twist · Creative Carbon Scotland

2:00pm–3:00pm · Leading embedded artist projects as a cultural partner
What is it like to be a cultural organisation facilitating Embedded Artist Projects? Advice for initiating and managing projects and cross-sector connections.

· Mark O’Brien · Cultural Adaptations
· Eva Peeters · Cultural Adaptations
· Lesley Anne Rose · Cultural Adaptations
· Gerry Wardell · Cultural Adaptations

2:00pm–3:00pm · Creating embedded artists for adaptations partners
What is it like to be adaptation practitioner working with creative practice? Examples of projects, impacts and advice to others working in this way.

· Eva Naessens · Cultural Adaptations
· Kit England · Cultural Adaptations
· Maria Mebius Schröder · Cultural Adaptations
· Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert · Cultural Adaptations

NB: the next two sessions run concurrently
3:15pm–4:15pm · Creative adaptation in the housing sector
A worked example of an embedded artist project in a local context: a deep-dive into how sector can benefit from a particular artistic approach.

· Ulrika Jansson · Artist
· Maria Mebius Schröder · TILLT
· Jens Thoms Ivarsson · City of Gothenburg
· Leslie Mabon · Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)

3:15pm–4:15pm · Culture/SHIFT
How can creative approaches support community engagement and empowerment?

· Eve Mosher · HighWaterLine
· Karen Orr · RIG Arts
· Laurie Duffy · RIG Arts
· Gemma Lawrence · Creative Carbon Scotland

4:30pm–5:00pm · Creating Embedded Artist Projects Toolkit – How to
The Cultural Adaptations project has developed a toolkit to support those planning their own Embedded Artist Projects. Learn more about this resource.

· Catriona Patterson · Cultural Adaptations

5:00pm–5:30pm · Closing remarks
Closing remarks, and an inspiring call to action keynote

· James Curran · Climate Ready Clyde

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